The Estate

Heart of the Côte Rôtie

Located in Ampuis, the historical heart of the Côte Rôtie, our estate has 5 ha (12 ac) of vines on the following “lieux dits” :

  • Le Champin
  • La Brosse
  • Fongeant
  • Leyat
  • Les Moutonnes
  • Côte Blonde

Le Champin


Les Moutonnes

Côte Blonde


La Brosse



Our Wine

It can be drinked in its youth or after 10 years.

It can be  aged up to  40 years.

Average age of the vines

Unique and authentic

We have just one blend per vintage, we don’t produce “cuvée speciale” or “cuvée parcelaire”.

We prefer to have the same level of quality with all our production and be extremely specific on the harvest dates.

For each vintage, the terroir behaves differently. The weather has a big impact on the wine and its expression.

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