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Vineyard Update #September2019

The harvest of the 2019 vintage began on September 19th. The 2019 harvest cannot be described as generous… A strong south wind in the spring beat and damaged the bunches still in formation. An episode of cold weather during the passage of the flower caused...

Vineyard update #October2019

The vinification went well. The sugars ended naturally and the wine clarified. The first cuvées are very beautiful. We find a lot of concentration, fruit, the tannins are already round and fine. At the end of October, the first autumn work starts again with...

The Domain in the media: Article “Côte Rôtie : Des Vendanges en Tyrolienne” (“Côte Rôtie : Harvest in zip line”)

Retrouvez l’article de Frédérique Hermine paru dans le magazine Terre de Vins sur les vendanges 2020 au Domaine, et le transport de la vendange par cable en Côte Blonde.

The Domain in the media: Report at 12.45 on M6

Retrouvez le reportage diffusé au 12.45 de M6 le dimanche 06 septembre 2020 sur le transport par cable de la vendange au Domaine Burgaud

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